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Learn how to make indoor snowballs in this fun and easy step by step DIY home decor tutorial. These are fun and will fake anyone out.

Hey guys, welcome back today on the Untidy Artist we are making homemade snowballs

Make you own indoor snowballs! To make these faux snowballs you will need epsom salts, a styrofoam ball, mod podge glue, acrylic paint and glitter. This simple DIY tutorial will walk you through the process on how to make indoor snowballs in an easy step by step process.These are fun to make with family and friends.

This is a fun DIY home decor idea for the holiday season and great because you can use them to decorate your house through the entire winter! These look so real that my little boy came in and picked it up to threw it at someone before he realized it was a decoration. 🙂

I hope that you enjoy this DIY home decor tutorial. These winter decor ideas are so fun to spend time working on.

Please let me know if you have any DIY winter decor questions or if there is something that I didn’t cover in the DIY tutorial. I answer all of my comments, so please comment below. You can also follow me on my Youtube Channel and watch many other DIY tutorials there.

Thanks! I hope that you enjoy learning how to make indoor snowballs. Please make sure to check out my website where I have lots of other great DIY ideas and tutorials.

Hey guys welcome back, today on the untidy artist we’ll be making Homemade snowballs. These are made with a foam ball, epson salts and glitter. I thought these were so sparkly and so cute and thought it would be fun to do a tutorial. Let’s grab are supplies and get started.

The first thing you’ll need is some styrofoam balls. I found this three pack at the dollar store. About every craft store should have them. I’ve even seen them at my local grocery store, they also come in a lot of different sizes. The next thing you’ll need is some acrylic paint, obviously for a classic snowball you’ll want white paint. I’ve also done them in turquoise and silver and thought that would be fun as well. but it’s totally up to you. Then you’ll need some mod podge glue and I’m using the glossy. A little foam paint brush, and some epsom salts. I found this pack at the dollar store, but you can find them at any grocery store or pharmacy there very inexpensive. This part is optional but I love the sparkle it gives my snowball. You’ll need iridescent glitter and fine and coarse glitter. Then to help out the process


How To Make Indoor Snowballs

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