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Learn how to make flower hair pins in this simple and easy step by step hair accessory tutorial. This DIY tutorial will show you in a few minutes how to turn a bland hair pin into a cute hair accessory that will make all of the boys double take… or maybe they won’t look at all, which is probably better since most will most likely not meet your demands. Matter of fact… let’s just say that you shouldn’t think about boys until your late twenties and by that time you probably won’t be wearing these in your hair. So, forget all about what I just said. 🙂

These hair pins really are very simple to make and they only take a few minutes.

If you like this tutorial and are looking for other simple hair pins tutorials please take a look at How To Make Colored Bobby Pins. I would also suggest looking at How To Make A Beaded Hair Clip. Making a beaded clip is a bit more difficult then these simple hair pins but with a bit of practice anyone can make one.

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How To Make Flower Hair Pins

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I am "The" untidy artist.

I was born in Highland Utah. I'm married with 4 crazy kids. My husband is always on my case about cleaning my craft room (blah blah blah). Both of my parents were artists and I think I got some of their artistry bug in me. A few years ago I started messing around with hair accessroies and had so many people ask to purchase them that I decided to start teaching others how to make them. That turned into my Youtube channel and this website. Hope you enjoy the tutorials!!!

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