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Learn how to make a glitter jar in this easy step by step video tutorial. These are also called calming jars or fairy jars. I explain in a few steps how to make this. This is a great DIY for you and your kids to make together. Matter of fact… of all the craft idea tutorials I’ve done I would say this should be the first. You know why, because if you have crazy kids like myself. And, if you’re still learning how to parent then there will be times when you freak out because your kids are freaking out. It’s during these times that you’ll use this calming jar.

If you have any questions on this tutorial please send me a message below in the comment box. I respond to all comments as soon as I can.

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Happy crafting and please comment!

Hello, welcome to the Untidy Artist. Today we’re making relaxation jars. These beautiful little jars are great and filled with little swirling glitter they are meant to help you relax and medititate. They are also great for kids and adults.

let’s grab our supplies. You’ll need a mason jar some clear school glue. Some glycerin and a whisk, some food coloring, and lots of your favorite kinds of glitter. Make sure to include lots of extra fine glitter, then we’re using a piece of sparkly scratch paper. The first step is to fill your jar with boiling hot water from your tea kettle about a quarter of the way up.Add one half to a full container of your glue, the more you add the slower the glitter will fall. Then add two tablespoons of your glycerin, this part is optional but I like how it makes the glitter swirl around in the jars. Give it a good whisk and now it’s time to add your food coloring. you can make it as dark or as light as you want. Start with a little cause you might want more. Once you get a color that you like start dumping in your glitter. I like to always include extra fine glitter, it makes it sparkle a lot. For variety and lots of sparkle we’re adding dark blue, light blue, gold and silver. You’ll add a lot of glitter, in the end you’ll have about a half a cup of glitter in the bottom of your jar. The coarse glitter will fall faster in the jar where the fine glitter will fall slower in the jar. It’s fun to mix it up. Once you have all your glitter added start to whisk. At this point I start to fill it all the way up with my hot water. Add a little more glitter if you feel like you need it. Make sure that it’s mixed really well, top it all the way off with your hot water. For the top of the jar I took a glittery piece of fabric and traced on to the fabric and cut out a circle. Now you can see my lovely assistant, my daughter. Take your fabric and place it on top of the lid and seal it all together. You want to make sure you seal that jar very tightly then give it a good shake and watch the glitter swirl.

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How To Make A Glitter Jar (Calming Jar)

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