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This tutorial will teach you how to make a fairy door DIY. This is a whimsical fairy door that you can place in a conspicuous place in your house. Hopefully somewhere your children will see it. That should stir up a conversation about the reality of Fairies. Or if you don’t want to play a trick on your kids…. 🙂  You can place the door anywhere in your house. It’s been said that if there is a fairy door fairies are sure to move in. I hop e that you enjoy learning how to make a fairy door. This fun and imaginative project is great to do with kids and also great for the “young at heart”!

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How To Make A Fairy Door DIY


About The Author

I am "The" untidy artist.

I was born in Highland Utah. I'm married with 4 crazy kids. My husband is always on my case about cleaning my craft room (blah blah blah). Both of my parents were artists and I think I got some of their artistry bug in me. A few years ago I started messing around with hair accessroies and had so many people ask to purchase them that I decided to start teaching others how to make them. That turned into my Youtube channel and this website. Hope you enjoy the tutorials!!!

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