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This DIY tutorial on how to make soft scrub using homemade supplies will be extremely simple and easy in this step by step instructions. This is one of the easies life hacks and DIY’s I’ve ever done. AND… I was so impressed with the results. I actually like using this more than store bought soft scrub.

Hey guys, welcome back. Today on the Untidy Artist we’re making a homemade soft scrub. This is a great way to clean your house without using any harsh chemicals and bleach. You can basically use it anywhere you would use a normal soft scrub. Let’s grab some supplies and get started.

The first thing you’ll need is some distilled white vinegar. I got mine at the grocery store. Then you’ll need some castille soap, I’ll be using lavender castille soap in this tutorial. You’ll need some backing soda. Then you’ll need your favorite essential oil, I’m using lemon and I’ll talk about why in a minute here. Then you’ll need some measuring spoons, a one tablespoon measuring spoon, a half cup measuring cup, and a one cup measuring cup. Then I have a whisk to mix things up, or you could grab a spoon. and a nice big bowl that everything will fit into. Then you’ll need some water, ok let’s get started.

The first step is to grab your bowl and your one cup measuring cup. Then you’re going to measure a total of a cup and a half of baking soda into your bowl. The baking soda is good because it is abrasive and it helps break things down and give you that nice good scrubbing action when you’re cleaning. There’s my one cup then i’m going to add half a cup. Then you’re going to add your castille soap, Castille soap comes in a lot of different scents. I’ve used the lavender and the citrus in this recipe before. I like the lavender because it’s anti bacterial, and it smells just amazing. Once you have those two in your bowl you’re going to give it a nice stir, it’ll be kind of pasty at the beginning. Once you have that mixed you’re going to take your table spoon measuring spoon and mix in two table spoons of water. Then once again give it a nice stir, it’ll give are scrub a nice consistency. it’ll get nice and creamy and almost look like frosting a little bit. The next step is to grab your vinegar, we will be adding two table spoons of vinegar. Now vinegar is disinfectant it deodorizes and it cuts grease so it’s great to use in this cleaner. you’ll notice it foams up a bit reacting to the baking soda. You just want to give that a nice good stir. Then last but not least you’re going to add your essential oil. I like using lemon oil, I like it because it’s a natural disinfectant and it smells really bright and raising. You’re going to add between ten and twenty drops of your oil. There are different types of oil you can use, I would definitely recommending researching different types of oils to decide what kind you’d like to use. The last step is to pour it in a container, I have this cute little plastic container here that seems to work perfectly.

That’s it guys you’re all set. I love that my kids can help me clean around the house and I don’t need to worry about any of the harsh chemicals or bleach. It’s just a really nice homemade natural approach to cleaning. Please check out some of my other DIY cleaning tutorials on my website If you haven’t already subscribed please do that would be fantastic. Give this a thumbs up if you liked it, thanks guys i’ll see you next time.


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Thanks for watching DIY tutorial on how to make soft scrub and I hope to hear from you soon.


DIY Tutorial On How To Make Soft Scrub

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