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This DIY tutorial on how to make household cleaner is simple and easy in only a few steps. This amazing cleaner is an all purpose cleaner and can be used just about anywhere in your house.

Hey guys, welcome back today on the Untidy Artist were making an all purpose spray household cleaner. This is a great home made cleaner that you can use just about anywhere in your house. Let’s grab some supplies and get started

The first thing you’ll need is some Castille soap. I love using this to clean in my house. It comes in a lot of different types, today I’m using eucalyptus. I really like how cleansing eucalyptus is, you can also use lavender or any other type that you might happen to have. Then you’ll need some essential oils, you can use any kind of combination of essential oils you like. I like that cinnamon and cassia are anti-viral, they also smell really good. That’s what I’ll be using. Then you’ll need some rubbing alcohol. I’m using a 91% rubbing alcohol it’s a great cleaner and it helps your spray cleaner to evaporate quickly. Then you’ll need some water, you’ll need about two cups of water. Then you’ll need some measuring tools I have a one cup measuring cup, a one fourth cup measuring cup, and a tablespoon. Then you’ll need a funnel, this is just going to help us to pour all of are ingredients into are spray container without it spilling everywhere. This part is optional it just makes it a lot easier. Then you’ll need a bottle, one thing I learned about spray bottles is that you don’t want to get them from the dollar store. The spray nozzle tends to not work quite as well. I got mine at the grocery store actually. So let’s get started.

The first step to grab your funnel and put it in the top of your container, I mix everything right in the container. Then your going to measure in one cup of water and pour that right into your spray container. Once you have your two cups in your spray bottle, you’re going to grab your Castille soap. Then measure in one fourth a cup into are spray bottle. This truly is the easiest thing to make, I’m just in love with how well it cleans and how inexpensive it is. Then you’ll need three tablespoons of your rubbing alcohol. Once again dump those right in your spray bottle. now you can see how nice it is to have that funnel so your not spilling things over the counter while making them. The next thing you’re going to add in your essential oils. You’re to take off the funnel for this part You’ll need to add about twenty five drops of your oils. I did about 13 of my cinnamon and 12 drops of my cassia. then put the top back on your spray bottle and give it a good shake to mix up all those ingredients. Now you’re all set.

Now you have your very own homemade all purpose cleaner. i’ll put some other combinations of other oils I like to use in my cleaners below in the comments. If you have any comments or questions please post those below please check out some of my other tutorials. I have a great hand sanitizer and a really lovely laundry detergent that’s amazing. if you haven’t already subscribed please do. Give this tutorial a thumbs up if you liked it and we’ll see you next time.

Homemade Cleaner
2 C. Water
1/4 C. Castille Soap
3 Tbs. Rubbing Alcohol
20-25 drops essential oil*

I love that this cleaner isn’t filled with a lot of harsh chemicals. I feel good about my kids using this cleaner because I know exactly what ingredients are in it. Castille soap, essentail oils, and rubbing alcohol are a great combination of effective cleaners. This cleaner is deeply cleansing and dries quickly (thanks to the alcohol!) One of my favorite ways to use this cleaner is on my kitchen cupboards. It is amazing how shiny and clean they look after using this. The fact that it smells AMAZING is another lovely benefit!!!

Another great benefit to making your own cleaner is that it is very inexpensive!!! Once you buy the basic ingredients for the cleaner you will have enough to make A LOT of cleaner! This has saved me money by not having to buy expensive cleaners from the store.

If you have granite countertops in your home, one thing to note when choosing what oils to use in this cleaner is to make sure you are not using any citrus oils (such as lemon!) or anything that contains vinegar. The acidity in the citrus oils and the vinegar can damage your granite. This is one of the reasons I chose the Eucalyptus castille soap with the Cinnamon and Cassia essential oils.

*Some of my other favorite blends of castille soap and essential oils for this cleaner are:
Lavender and Lemon Cleaner:
Lavender Castille Soap with 10 drops Lavender essential oil and 10 drops Lemon essential oil.

Citrus Cleaner:
Citrus Orange Castille Soap with 10 drops Lemon essential oil and 10 drops Grapefruit essential oil.

Lemon Eucalyptus Cleaner:
Eucalyptus Castille Soap with 10 drops Eucalyptus essentail oil and 10 drops of Lemon or Lemongrass essential oil.

Hope you enjoy this DIY tutorial on how to make household cleaner! Want to make more DIY cleaners for your home? Check out this tutorial on DIY Soft Scrub. Another of my favorite household DIY’s is for Homemade Laundry Detergent. I ahave been using this for a year now and I love it! Check out some of my other DIY Home Projects.


DIY Tutorial On How To Make Household Cleaner

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