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This DIY tutorial on how to make hair clips with blinged bobby pins is an extremely simple step by step tutorial. Making DIY blinged bobby pins only takes a couple of minutes. These DIY hair accessories are fun to make and anyone… even little children can make them.

Hey guys, welcome back today on the Untidy Artist were making glitter bobby pins. This is a fast and very easy tutorial on how to make a fun and really glittery and sparkly hair accessory that’s very inexpensive.Let’s grab some supplies and get started.

The first thing you’ll need is some bobby pins. These are just some basic bobby pins that I had at my house. If you want to make it fancy then go right ahead. These are sorta me, then I found these bigger bobby pins. So it’s really just up to you. Then you’ll need some Mod Podge glue. Then you’ll need some glitter that are your favorite colors. I found this super fine glitter, it seems to work the best it’s also a lot more sparkly. I will be using turquoise. Then you’ll need something sturdy to attach the bobby pins to while your putting the glue on. You can either use a piece of card stock, I have an old envelope here. Then you’ll also need a piece of paper, this is just regular sized paper folded in half. Then a small paintbrush to apply your glue with.

The first step is to grab your bobby pins. There are two sides to a bobby pin the curvy side and the smooth flat side. You can decide which side you want to apply the glitter on. Some people like to put the smooth side on the top which means that the bumpy side of the bobby pin will just hold your hair better underneath. I really like to use the smooth side underneath. Go ahead and attach your bobby pin to a piece of card stock or your envelope. Take your glue and with your little paint brush start to apply an even layer of the glue on top of the bobby pin. Once you have a nice layer of glue on the bobby pin, This next part is important. Make sure that there is no glue underneath the bottom of the bobby pin holding it next to the paper. I like to lift my bobby pin up and slide it over to a spot where there’s no glue underneath. if there’s any little spots you’ve missed you can always go back and add a little dab of glue. now open up your folded piece of paper. You’re going to dump a lot of glitter over the bobby pin. Cover it nicely, then I tap my card stock or my envelope so all the excess glitter comes off. Then you can fold the piece of paper in half, then carefully pour the glitter back in to your container so that you can use the glitter later. Then let your bobby pin dry, if you like to once it’s dry you can go back and add another layer of glue and another layer of glitter which will give you a deep more thicker glitter so it will look more sparkly.

That’s it guys, super easy very fast sparkly fun hair accessory that’s perfect to put in the hair. Thank you for watching, if you have any comments or question please post those below. If you enjoyed this tutorial please give it a thumbs up. If you like to see more tutorials please subscribe to show your support to the Untidy Artist. Thanks for watching well see you next time.

Once you learn this DIY tutorial on how to make hair clips with blinged bobby pins you’ll easily be able to move on to some more difficult tutorials. If you are looking to amp up your hair accessories and have never made any DIY hair accessories in the past… this is a good place to start. This is an easy way to add a little sparkle to your hair accessory collection.

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If you have any questions that you’d like to ask me please comment in the comment section below. I would also love to hear from you if you have a tutorial suggestion. I spend a lot of time researching new tutorials and would love as much feedback as possible.

Special thanks to all of my website subscribers. I truly appreciate your support. Thanks for watching this DIY tutorial on how to make hair clips with blinged bobby pins.


 DIY Tutorial On How To Make Hair Clips With Blinged Bobby Pins

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