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This DIY tutorial on how to make a terrarium for plants in a jar will walk you step by step through how to make this gorgeous tropical terrarium. This is a great terrarium that I had a lot of fun making. This is the second terrarium DIY tutorial that I’ve made and the more terrariums that you make the more fun that you’ll have. If you haven’t had the chance to watch my other DIY terrarium that focuses on how to make a terrarium for cacti and desert plants, I would recommend that you watch that tutorial as well. Here is the link to that DIY terrarium on my Youtube Channel.

If you have any problems or questions on learning how to make a terrarium or if I missed anything in this DIY terrarium tutorial please send me a message. I am happy to answer all of your questions… just give me a day or so to get back with you.

Also… if you end up making a DIY terrarium and you’re proud of it please snap a photo and hashtag it #untidyartist. I would love to see what you create. Making terrariums is a ton of fun so let’s share our experiences.

Thank you so much for watching this DIY tutorial on how to make a terrarium for plants in a jar and I hope to hear from you soon.

And… one last thing. If you would like more home decor ideas please check out some of the other sections on my website or you can take a look at other tutorials on my Youtube Channel.

Thanks for watching and happy crafting. đŸ™‚


DIY Tutorial On How To Make A Terrarium For Plants In A Jar

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I was born in Highland Utah. I'm married with 4 crazy kids. My husband is always on my case about cleaning my craft room (blah blah blah). Both of my parents were artists and I think I got some of their artistry bug in me. A few years ago I started messing around with hair accessroies and had so many people ask to purchase them that I decided to start teaching others how to make them. That turned into my Youtube channel and this website. Hope you enjoy the tutorials!!!

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