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This DIY tutorial on how to make a home decor winter fairy door in this DIY craft idea tutorial. This is a great fairy idea that you can make with children.  This is a fun and whimsical winter decoration for your home. I love fairy doors. The idea behind a fairy door is to attach the little door to a wall (I love putting mine in my kitchen or living room!) to allow fairies to come in and out of your home. I first saw these when I was visiting Bath, England. I was instantly hooked on this creative and imaginative idea.

Hey guys, welcome back. Today on the untidy artist we’re making a winter fairy door. I use these for after the holidays it’s just a fun decoration to put out.

Let’s grab some supplies and get started. The first thing you’ll need is a basic wood shape or base for your fairy door. Any square or rectangle will work. These were a little four pack of wooden shapes that I found at my craft store. It was just a couple dollars for four of them. Make sure that have some these measure two and a half by three and a half inches. Then you’ll need some acrylic craft paint. I’ll be using a light turquoise blue color and then this really pretty pearl white finish. Using this over the blue gave it an icy and frosted look that I really liked for this door. You’ll need a little foam brush and then I have my trusty glue gun set on low. Then you’ll need an assortment of embellishments, something for a handle I’ll be putting some little rhinestones that look kind of icy and fun for winter. You’ll find that the craft book section for any store has a lot of really great embellishments for fairy doors. I also found these really pretty snow flakes that actually inspired this fairy door.

First step is to paint your door. I’m going to take my glue and put a nice even layer of the paint all over the door, on the front and on the back. Then go over and add one more coat because you want it to be all covered. Once that is dry I’m going to take my pearl white metallic paint. I’m going to put a little over the door, I don’t want it to completely cover the door I want to give it a very frosty look so the door. I gently put a little bit on and lightly brushing it with my little foam brush you can see it looks like frost. It’s kind of icy and very wintery. Then once my door has completely dried it’s time to decorate it. Here’s an example of one of the doors I did with this it’s just a little metal embellishment scrap looking embellishment. I found these little swirly pieces that I thought made a fun handle, I’ve got some on the corner of that door there. Then I love these little scrap book stickers that had elastic on the back of them. It is a really sparkly rhinestone, I’m going to be using this as a little window at the top of my door. I’m also using one as a handle, another great easy handle for a fairy door would be a thumb tack. You cut the little sharp piece off of it on the back. Then I decided to add a few of the little metal pieces across the bottom just for decoration and a few down the side for hinges for my door. Honestly you can decorate your little fairy door however you want or as simple or as complex that you like because that’s what makes the fun they’re very unique.

That’s it guys you’re all set. I love winter decorations that I can put out after the holidays as something fun and sparkly. This matches the icy and snowy cold winters we have outside. Mine will be going in my living room. Thanks for watching if you have any comments or questions please post those below. Please give this a thumbs up if you liked it and if you haven’t already subscribed please do. Check out some of my other tutorials, here is one of my really great tutorials I did for indoor snowballs, check that out. Well see you next time.


This craft idea is great along with some of the other fairy craft ideas that I have on my channel and website I would suggest taking a look at my tutorial on how to make a doll starting with a basic fairy doll.

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I hope that you enjoy this DIY tutorial on how to make a home decor winter fairy door. It’s kind of fun to make these without your kids knowing and then watching them find them.

Like many others I’ve always had a fascination with fairies. I hope that making these fairy doors will bring a little bit of magic into your life.

If you have any questions about this DIY tutorial on how to make a home decor winter fairy door please comment below or go to my Youtube Channel and comment on any tutorial there. I’m happy (and love to) answer all questions as soon as I can.

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DIY Tutorial On How To Make A Home Decor Winter Fairy Door

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