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This DIY rose bath salts for a bridesmaid wedding gift are simple, inexpensive and easy to make. And… they’ll be greatly appreciated as a weeding gift.

Today on the Untidy Artist were making lemon rose bath salts. This is one of my favorite things to make for a luxurious bath. I thought it would be a really fun thing to do with wedding season right around the corner. So, okay let’s grab some supplies.

The first thing you’ll need is some Epsom salt. Epsom salt is actually Magnesium Sulfate it is great for sore tired muscles. It is a great and lovely thing to add to your bath, the next thing well need is some baking soda, baking soda is very softening to the skin it’s going to soften the water and add a really nice touch to this bath salt. Then i have some dried Rose buds and Rose petals and I found these at my local health food store I know there are a lot of great places online as well as Etsy to order these or you can even dry your own but these just add a really romantic luxurious beautiful touch to are bath salt the next thing we will need is some rose oil. Rose absolute is you want to sublurge for it is an absolutely gorgeous oil it is rather pricy so you can see here i’m using a blend that’s mostly hohobe oil but it does have that really pretty rose in it that is so  so good for your skin then you’ll need some lemon essential oil and this is very skin brightening and just has a really happy scent and is really a pretty scent when you mix it with the rose. Okay the last thing you’ll need is a container to put your bath salts in and I like using a container that has a lid that seals shut so that my bath salts don’t get wet in between me using them.

Alright the first step is to measure out a cup of your Epsom salts and measure them right into the jar this is a super easy tutorial then you’re going to take your rose absolute and i’m going to add Five to Ten drops of my rose absolute. as you know this oil is a little thick and it took me a little bit of an effort to get five to ten drops in there. Then you’re going to take your lemon oil and with the lemon you’re not going to use quite as much the lemon is a top note so as you know it’s a lot stronger of an oil and you’ll use Two to Five drops of that give it a good shake and then take your measuring spoon as you know i’m just using the back of the measuring spoon to kind of press those oils into are Epsom salt. You want that all nice and blended together. At this point you could actually use this in the bath it smells amazing but were going to take it a little bit further and were going to add a tablespoon of baking soda which is going to soften the skin and the water and create a really luxurious bath then i’m also going to measure in two tablespoons of my rose petals and rose buds and you can do one to two tablespoons if you want more or less. I prefer actually not to have something in the water most people don’t like little things flying around in there bathtub then just emit these completely. Once you have that all added you want to  close your container again and give a good shake blending everything together. With this iI found a spoon was nice to get everything stirred up really well because you want all those ingredients blended and then I grab my Epsom salt and i’m going to top it off with another half cup of the Epsom salt close my lid again and give it another good shake just blending all of those ingredients together. Bath salts are so incredibly easy to make and they make such a beautiful bath I love soaking in the bath it’s one of my favorite things to do and I thought this would be a really beautiful bridesmaid gift or gift to pamper up brides coming up this bridal season so whether you are a bride looking for bridesmaids gifts or just need a little pampering the lemon rose bath salts are a really quick and easy thing to throw together thank you so much for watching if you have any comments or questions post those below give this tutorial a thumbs up if you liked it please check out any of my other tutorials on my youtube channel or you can check out my website and as always thank you so much for watching guys well see you next time.


DIY Rose Bath Salts For A Bridesmaid Wedding Gift

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