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This DIY raspberry chocolate sugar scrub tutorial is a simple sugar scrub that anyone can make. It smells so yummy that you’ll have to resist from tasting it once you learn how to make it.

Hey guys welcome back today on the untidy artist were making a raspberry chocolate sugar scrub. Although it sounds good enough to eat it’s actually a sugar scrub used to exfoliate the skin and it’s full of a lot of natural and very lovely ingredients that are both beneficial and moisturizing for the skin.

So let’s grab some supplies and get started. The first thing you’ll need is some oil. We’ll be using a sweet almond oil and some coconut oil in this tutorial and i actually found both of these at the grocery store. Both of these oils are both very softening and moisturizing to the skin. They’re full of a lot of beautiful vitamins and are just really lovely at absorbing into your skin and moisturizing it. Then we’ll be using some white sugar and this will be used to exfoliate the skin and then we’ll be using some brown sugar, brown sugar is also a nice gentle exfoliator it gently lifts off the dead skin and makes your skin soft and fresh and just lovely. The next thing you’ll need is some chocolate extract i found this also in the baking isle I prefer using essential oils but because theres not a chocolate essential oil well be using an extract well be also using vanilla extract it’ll give us a nice warm scent and then some raspberry extract so it does look like well be making something you eat but once again these are just lovely ingredients for the skin then you’ll need some freeze dried raspberry’s and I actually found these at a health foods store do you know that trader joe’s carries them and there just a freeze dried berry and well be breaking them up it’s actually just easy to break them up with your fingers and the raspberries and the raspberry seeds will act as a gentle exfoliator also and then well be using some cocoa powder cocoa powder is actually lovely very lovely for your skin it’s full of antioxidants and it’s very nice at toning your skin I grabbed some bowls from my kitchen and then I have some measuring cups i’ve got a one fourth cup a one half cup and then a full cup then a teaspoon and a tablespoon so lot’s of stuff from the kitchen then I also have a little wire whisk to help me stir and also just a spoon for stirring and mixing things together then I have a cute little mason jar to put this in.

Ok the first step is to measure out one cup of the white sugar just measure it well be measuring this into the bigger of the two bowls then well be also putting in a half cup of brown sugar so the sugars are going to act as exfoliators in this scrub then grab the cocoa powder and well be measuring out two tablespoons of cocoa powder chocolate also give a really lovely glow to your skin it’s moisturizing it’s really rich in antioxidants and it’s just a really great ingredient to use on your skin and it’s chocolate it tastes awesome and I really love it so I thought that would be a really fun thing to add to the scrub then grab your spoon and mix all of the ingredients together I like to use the back of my spoon to break up the pieces of brown sugar or cocoa powder and you want everything nice and mixed together. Then set your sugars aside grab your smaller bowl and your one fourth measuring cup and measure in one fourth cup of your coconut oil then grab your table spoon and measure in two table spoons of your sweet almond oil then i’m taking my chocolate extract and adding two teaspoons of chocolate extract and i can’t tell you how amazing this smells already then i’m going to add in my raspberry extract and i’m putting in one teaspoon of my raspberry extract into the mixture with the oils then grab your vanilla and add one teaspoon of your vanilla extract into the oils and then take your whisk ¬†and whisk it all together what this will do is it will emulsify the liquids into the oils and mix it all together nicely so you don’t have the oil separating from the liquid and then dump it into your bowl with your sugar and your cocoa powder give it a nice stir and mix all of those beautiful ingredients together honestly you’ll want to eat this it looks absolutely delicious it smells even more amazing then i’m going to grab some of my freeze dried raspberries and I just took a little hand full of them and i’m breaking them up over the bowl into the sugar scrub so I probably put in two tablespoons of the raspberries you can put anywhere from one to two tablespoons of the crushed up raspberries and the raspberries act as a really good exfoliator they can be a little bit more abrasive

This is a lovely one to use on your hands and your feet great way to get your skin ready for summer and a really fun chocolatey treat for anyone that needs a nice gift a little pampering so I put mine in a little mason jar this is actually some thing she loves chocolate and she loves raspberries and it was just a really fun gift to put together for her. These would also be lovely bridesmaids gifts or teacher gifts. For the summer coming up it would be a really great way to freshen up your skin and get it soft and ready for summer time thanks so much for watching guys if you have any comments or questions please post those below if you haven’t already subscribed please do that would be amazing give this a thumbs up if you liked it and as always thank you so much for your support as always I truly appreciate all of the support i get and if you want to check out any of my other tutorials you can find those at my website at you can also go to my youtube channel The Untidy Artist thank you for watching guys and i’ll see you next time.


DIY Raspberry Chocolate Sugar Scrub Tutorial

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