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This DIY lemon basil sugar scrub tutorial is a great sugar scrub that you can give as a gift. It smells great and will make you feel fresh and new.

Hey guys welcome back today on the Untidy Artist were making a Lemon Basil Sugar Scrub. I love the mixture of lemon and basil fresh lemon is a beautiful ingredient to use on your skin it’s very naturally exfoliating it eats away at dead skin so it’s really nice when you pair it with a sugar scrub for a nice fabulous exfoliation on your skin ok let’s grab some supplies and get started. the first thing you’ll need is some white sugar and this acts as a beautiful gentle exfoliant, then you’ll need some coconut oil and coconut oil is something you can find at the grocery store it’s incredibly soft and moisturising and softening for your skin, and then well be using a lemon the lemon is going to work like I said to eat away at the dead skin and help naturally exfoliate and brighten the skin. Then I have some lemon essential oil and you want to make sure you buy something thats pure essential oil this is a very brightening and uplifting scent and then I have some basil oil once again you want to make sure it’s pure essential oil. Basil is actually anti bacterial and anti viral it’s great at energizing and stimulating, it’s great for stimulation it refreshes dull skin and it’s very toning lot’s of awesome things from basil. Then i have some dried basil leaves I absolutely love Penzeys Spices there just dried erbs and spices are just really fragrant and fabulous and i thought these would look pretty in are sugar scrub and then i have some tools from my kitchen we need a zestre  and something to juice are lemon with and you want to make sure with the zester you get one with a fine zest to it I have a knife a spoon for stirring wisk for wisking. I have some measuring cups I have a one cup measuring cup a quarter cup measuring cup and a tablespoon once again all things were grabbed from my kitchen and then I have two bowls a bigger bowl and a smaller bowl and a container to put are sugar scrub in and this is just a fun flip top container. So first step is to grab your lemon and we are going to zest are lemon into the small glass bowl, and when you zest the lemon you only want to get that outside layer of the lemon that’s where all the beautiful lemon oil is you don’t want to get the white part of the lemon that’s the pit and that is the bitter part and then once you have all of your zest you want to cut your lemon in half grab your little juicer and go ahead and get all of the lemon juice out of your lemon, and this is handy because it does keep most of are seeds from getting into the lemon juice and then go ahead and measure two cups of sugar into your bowl and were going to measure a quarter cup of are coconut oil into are bowl then well measure a fourth cup of lemon juice into the bowl and all of are zest from the lemon. then grab your lemon essential oil and you’ll add any where from fifteen to twenty drops of the lemon essential oil and about five drops of the basil oil basil oil is pretty strong then grab your spoon and give it a good stir and just mix all of those gorgeous ingredients together, with fresh sugar scrubs like this one were using fresh lemon juice and fresh zest you want to make sure that you use these up in a week or so or store them in the fridge i usually store mine in the fridge just because  the last things we are going to add in is a teaspoon of are dried basil leaves and this just gives us some really pretty fleks of green in the sugar scrub and makes it look beautiful especially with the little bits of the lemon zest and then scoop it in to whatever container you would like you can do it into two smaller containers or because this was going to be a gift i put this into a bigger container I love these jars with the flip tops and these make such wonderful gifts there fast and easy to throw together and it’s just a really nice homemade gift it’s fun to give because some people think you’ve put some thought into it and that’s i. So also for this I thought it would be fun to decorate it with a little piece of contact paper i actually used a round punch and just cut out a piece of the contact paper that way if the top of this jar happens to get wet it’s ok it was just a really easy way to decorate this quickly and that’s it guys your lemon basil sugar scrub is good to go I love how bright and citrusy and happy this was a great sugar scrub to use in the morning i love using this on my feet so much it smells amazing if you have any comments or questions please post those below if you’d like to check out some of my other tutorials you can do that at if you haven’t already subscribed to my youtube channel please do i would really appreciate that and give this tutorial a thumbs up if you liked it as always thank you so much guys and well see you next time.


DIY Lemon Basil Sugar Scrub Tutorial

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