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This DIY lavender spray is sure to make your whole house smell fantastic. This is a simple and easy DIY tutorial that anyone can make and would also make a great gift.┬áLavender is a very soothing and relaxing essential oil. It’s great for it’s calming effects and when you use it to spritz on your pillows or blankets. It’s a nice and very lovely scent to help you relax at night before you go to bed. So let’s grab some supplies and get started.

The first thing you’ll need is some distilled water. I’ve already gone ahead and measured out four ounces of distilled water. So I’ve measured out one half cup of the water. Then you’ll need some rubbing alcohol. I found this at the grocery store. You can find it in any pharmacy. The last thing you’ll need is some 100% pure lavender oil this is an essential oil and you’ll want to make sure that it’s pure. Then you’ll just need a few different tools. I have a tablespoon measuring spoon. I have this cute little funnel that’s going to help us transfer our lemon spray into our container. Then you’ll need a spray bottle you can use anything you already have on hand. I found this blue spray bottle at the health food store. The blue glass actually helps to protect the essential oils from breaking down UV lights. Then I grabbed a little mason jar. This is going to help us mix up are lemon spray.

Ok the first step is to take the lid off of your little Mason jar and were going to add in are rubbing alcohol. So well be putting in one half tablespoon of the rubbing alcohol and then well be adding are lavender oil directly to that. You’ll put in ten to fifteen drops of the lavender oil then grab your distilled water and you should have already measured off four ounces. Dump that in to the container that has your lavender oil and the rubbing alcohol and just give it a really good shake what this is going to do is it’s going to mix everything together so that the oil doesn’t separate from the water the alcohol actually helps it mix in to the water better. Now grab the funnel and put the mix in to your container and you are all set it’s seriously as simple as this is. I love spritzing this on my pillow at night before i go to bed on my towels on blankets and pillows that I have on my couch to help freshen them up. Lavender oil is also anti fungal and anti bacterial. It’s great to just freshen things up and keep them nice and lovely linen sprays make a really thoughtful gift. There fast and easy to put together I also love spraying this in my closet. Theres just so many different nice relaxing uses for this. If you have any comments or questions please post those below if you haven’t already subscribed please do. I post new videos every week you can check those out on my youtube channel or at Please give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and once again thanks so much for your support well see you next time.


DIY Lavender Spray

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