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This DIY lavender sachet tutorial is a quick and easy DIY that you could use as a great gift for a good friend.

Hey guys, welcome back. Today on the Untidy Artist were making lavender sachet. These are little fabric pouches made by using leftover fabric. They are filled with dried lavender buds. They smell amazing. They are wonderful to throw in your drawer or closet. I thought they would be fun for mothers day. So let’s grab some supplies and get started.

The first thing you’ll need is some fabric. I just grabbed some fabric from a leftover projects. You can use the same fabric on each side. I decided it would be fun to kind of mix it up. I’m doing one fabric on the front of my little sachet and one fabric on the back. Then you’ll need some iron on adhesive I’ll be using Heat-n-Bond. The kind made for hems because it’s already cut. I’ll be using the three eighths of an inch whip. It works perfectly it works perfectly to hold are little pouches together. Then you’ll need some lavender flowers. I found mine at the health foods store. These are just dried lavender flowers and They smell absolutely amazing. You’ll need a pattern for this project. You’ll just cut out a three and a half inch by three and a half inch square. I cut mine out of card stock it seemed to work a lot better. You’ll need a couple of pins so you can hold everything together while you’re cutting it. Something to measure with. Then I’ll actually be using two different types of scissors. Here are my regular that have a little pink dot so my kids don’t steal them. Then I’ll also be using some pinking shears. This will give me a cute little zigzag edge around the edges of my sachet. You’ll need an iron to adhere everything together with your iron on adhesive. Then I just grabbed a spoon out of my kitchen.

Ok, the first step is to decide what section of your fabric you want to cut out. I loved this little red bird in the corner. So I layer both my fabrics both on top of each other. Then I grab my pattern and using both my pins I line up my pattern and just pin it down to the corner over the section I decided to cut out. It’s fun to kind of match up the designs in a way that you like how it looks. Then you cut that out with your regular scissors, make sure that the edges are even. Then set those aside and grab your iron on adhesive. were going to measure this out, you can see that this is a  three eighths of an inch width. It does come in different sizes so make sure that you have something like a quarter of an inch or three eighths of an inch. Then I’m going to cut this into four pieces. I’m going to cut two of the pieces at about three inches. then the other two at a little bit more than three inches. so were going to lay down both of the shorter ones on both of the sides. the longest ones are going to go across the top. Then you can see across the bottom I’ve got my adhesive over lapping. Now what were going to do is were only going to iron three of the sides together. So you can see were leaving to top open.  We wanna make sure that the whole strip of iron on adhesive fits across the top. I promise this will make it easier when were putting that last strip in to hold everything together. So they can overlap on the bottom that’s absolutely fine. Make sure that the top strip can lay completely across the top of your three and a half inch square. so you can see I’ve got both of my sides and the bottom overlapping. I’m going to put my first piece of fabric pattern side down. Then I’ve put my adhesive in the middle. Then I’m going to put my next piece of fabric right over the top. Pattern side up so you can see that were making a little pouch. Then grab your iron gently iron both sides. You want that adhesive to adhere. set it aside so it can cool off a little bit. Then grab your pinking shears and cut carefully around the edges over your square. I like to line up the scissors so the zig zag design stays nice and even. You can see I’m just barely trimming off the edge to give me that cute zig zag edge. The next step is to grab your lavender flowers. I can’t believe how beautiful these smell. I was amazed at how little each pouch required. So open up your pouch and put in about two spoons full. Approximately two tablespoons full. You want to leave a little bit of room around for the lavender to move around inside the little pouch. So you can see I did two spoons full. Then your going to gently push the lavender down towards the bottom of your pouch because we still need to seal it at the top. We wanna make sure when were ironing were not using the iron on top of any of the lavender buds. So flip down the top and you can see now why it’s left that whole top open it’s a lot easier to slide that piece of iron on adhesive. Then line it up and iron it being careful not to iron the lavender buds. I kind of gently pushed them down if any start to creep up where the iron is.

That’s it, I love that this doesn’t require any sewing. I decided to do a set of three for my kids to give my mom and my mother in law so they have a cute gift for there grandmas. I think I’m going to give a set of these to my sister for mothers day. I did three different patterns using different fabrics that I just really liked how they matched. That way they can grab there little sachets  and throw them in there clothing drawer. You van see here I took some ribbon and tied it around the little pack of three. Tie it in to a knot at the top. Then I had some flowers left over from some different  projects, little flowers I got at the craft store. I took a tiny little piece of that and slid it into the top. That’s it guys you’re all set. You have these very elegant beautiful little lavender sachets. They make a perfect and very thoughtful homemade mothers day gift. I love how lavender is relaxing it smells beautiful it’s fun to put in your drawers. They make sure clothes smell amazing it’s also great at repelling moths. So I really like throwing these in with my sweaters. They just smell really pretty please check out some of my other DIY tutorials. I have a lot of great tutorials for mothers day gifts. You can find those on my youtube channel or at If you have any questions or would like to leave a lovely comment, you can do that in the comments below. Please give this a big thumbs up if you liked it. As always thank you so much for your support, see you guys next time.





DIY Lavender Sachet

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