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This DIY lavender bath salts tutorial should get you excited to make some of these and give them away as gifts.

Hey guys, welcome back. Today on the Untidy Artist were making lavender bath salts. Lavender is naturally very relaxing it helps with stress it’s smells very soothing. To mix with epsom salts. They also create a really nice bath great for sore muscles and relaxing. I thought this would be a fun mothers day gift for my mom.

So let’s grab some supplies and get started. The first thing you’ll need is some dried lavender flowers. I found this at my local health foods store. They smell really beautiful and there just dried lavender flowers. I was amazed on how much scent these have. There really pretty. Then you’ll need some lavender essential oil. You want to make sure that the oil you use is 100% pure. You’ll find a lot that perfumes are not 100% so make sure you check the label. Then you’ll need a couple of measuring tools. I have a tablespoon measuring spoon. Then I have a measuring cup a one cup measuring cup. I grabbed those out of my kitchen. You’ll need some epsom salt. You can find this at any drugstore. I actually found mine at my local grocery store. It’s very inexpensive I’ve even seen it at the dollar store. Then something to put your bath salt in. I found this cute little flip top jar that i thought would be a really pretty way to display my bath salt

Ok, the first step is to grab your measuring cup. If there any big clumps of the epsom salt break those apart. Measure it out and the good news is we are mixing this all in are container. So I just dumped mine right inside my little. It would be nice to have a funnel here you can see I spilled a little bit but that’s ok. It fills it up about halfway. Then I’m going to grab my lavender essential oil and i add about 10 to 15 drops right on top of my epsom salt. Then close the top of your container and give it a good shake. You just want the oils to get into the epsom salt. So shake it then open the top. Now were going to add some of are lavender buds. It’s already starting to smell so beautiful. I’m actually going to add one tablespoon of my lavender buds. You can add a little bit more or a little bit less. I was amazed on how much these spread through the epsom salt. you really don’t need more than a tablespoon. Give it a good shake mixing your epsom salt and your lavender buds together. It looks so beautiful. Then your going to take your measuring cup. Dump in enough of your epsom salt to fill the container. Mine ended up using almost another cup of the epsom salt. Total I had 2 cups of epsom salt. Then I’m going to put another 5 to 10 drops of my lavender oil in the top. You guessed it give it another good shake. Your just mixing everything together.

That’s it, your little lavender bath salts are done. this is one of the simplest DIY tutorials I’ve done. I’ve used these in the bath myself and I can’t tell you how relaxing and beautiful they are. Because this is a gift I grabbed a piece of purple ribbon. I tied it around the front. Then I grabbed a little sprig of lavender. I kind of slid that right into the top.

You can see I have this beautiful very easy very beautiful homemade gift for Mothers day. I’m really excited to give it to my mom because I know she will absolutely ┬álove it. Thank you so much guys for watching. If you have any comments or wanna leave a question post those in the comments below. Be sure to give this a thumbs up if you liked it. If your looking for some fast and easy tutorial on how to make a mothers day gift check out my youtube channel. Or you can check out As always thank you for watching thank you so much for your support and we’ll see you next time.




DIY Lavender Bath Salts

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