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This DIY chain bracelet tutorial focuses on using rhinestones in a cup chain. Chain bracelets will solve all of your Christmas gift anxiety. These chain bracelets make great gifts. I love the combination of the rhinestones with the cord. In this tutorial I use cotton cord for the base and waxed cord to wrap around the cup chain. You can also use leather cord or hemp cord for the base and cotton cord or any type of string to wrap around the cup chain. These turn out looking fantastic. They look professional and store bought. I’m not sure if looking store bought is actually a good thing but it sounded right. What I mean is that they look professional and clean. Like something that you would buy in a jewelry store.

Other than this DIY chain bracelet tutorial please take a look at some of the other bracelet tutorials I’ve uploaded. This DIY Friendship Bracelet with 2 Strings is pretty simple. This is about the easiest bracelet to make… it’s a Bracelet Using Chain and Elastic Tutorial. I would also suggest watching How To Make A Beaded Bracelet.

If you have any questions about this DIY chain bracelet tutorial and where to get the materials you can ask me by sending me a chat in the comment section below. I reply to all of my comments asap. You can also send me messages via any comment section on any video on my Youtube Channel.

If you end up making some of these please send me a pic. I would love to see what you make. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.


DIY Chain Bracelet Tutorial

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I was born in Highland Utah. I'm married with 4 crazy kids. My husband is always on my case about cleaning my craft room (blah blah blah). Both of my parents were artists and I think I got some of their artistry bug in me. A few years ago I started messing around with hair accessroies and had so many people ask to purchase them that I decided to start teaching others how to make them. That turned into my Youtube channel and this website. Hope you enjoy the tutorials!!!

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