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This DIY beard oil would make a fantastic father’s day gift idea. I’ve tried this on my husband and once applied he jumped up on the yummy smelly scale a couple notches.

Hey guys, welcome back. today on the untidy artist I decided to do a tutorial for fathers day. We’ll be making beard oil, beards seem to be all the rage. Whether or not your man has a full grown beard or just a little bit of scruff using a beard oil will help the skin and everything nice and healthy.

The first thing we’ll need is some jojoba oil and then some sweet almond oil. There are a lot of different types of oils that you can use. I really like both of these oils for there feel and the benefits. Then we’ll need some different essential oils. We’ll be using cedar wood and cedar wood is great for dry and irritated skin. Some lavender oil, that helps to calm the skin. Then we’ll be using some lime oil for it’s zesty uplifting fragrance. It is also great for helping fight bacteria and to help with circulation of the skin. Then we’ll need something to put it in. I found this cool little bottle with a dropper top at the health foods store. I also have a little bowl to stir everything with. A little whisk, and then I have a one tablespoon measuring spoon, and a little scraper to help scrape everything out of are bowl and in to are container. Last but not least I have this cool little tiny funnel that I love and helps a lot. The first step is to measure in one table spoon of are jojoba oil in to are little container. Then we’re going to measure in one tablespoon of almond oil. Then we’re going to add in our essential oils, first I’m going to add the cedar wood, I added ten drops of cedar wood. Then I’m going to add ten drops of my lavender oil. The last oil we’re going to add is are lavender oil, I added in about four drops of that. You can add more or less of these oils, keep in mind that you do want to test for allergies to make sure that your skin doesn’t have any bad reactions to these different oils. I really like lavender it seems to be the gentle oil to use, please make sure you test out the oils to check if you have any allergies. Then put the funnel in the top of your container and make sure all of your beautiful oils go in to your container. I put my dropper in the top and my oil is done.

These oils can be very very expensive but there so fast and easy to make. I love homemade skin care anyway. I printed off this little beard oil label, I cut it out of paper. i like putting clear mailing labels over the top of it. To adhere it to my bottle. I will put a download below for the font that I used and for a little print out if you’d like to use it for your beard oil. That’s it guys you have a very fast easy and very thoughtful fathers day present. I love how fresh it keeps my husbands skin and his beard. I thought this would be a great tutorial for fathers day. If you haven’t already subscribed please do. Check out some of my other videos on my website at You can also check out some of my other videos and tutorials on my youtube channel. Please give this a thumbs up if you liked it, if you have any comments or questions please post those below. Thank you guys for watching and thank you for your support we’ll see you next time.

DIY Beard Oil

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