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Home Decor

These DIY home decor tutorials are great DIY ideas using homemade supplies, recycled items and inexpensive household materials. I hope that you enjoy the DIY home decor tutorials. If you have any DIY ideas that you’d like for me to make please comment below. Thanks! :)

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How To Make A Glitter Jar

Learn how to make a glitter jar in this easy step by step video tutorial. These are also called calming jars or fairy jars. I explain in a few steps how to make this. This is a great DIY for you and your kids t...
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DIY Faux Mercury Glass Tutorial

This DIY faux mercury glass tutorial will show you how to make mercury glass in a simple step by step process. This is an easy home decor idea.   DIY Faux Mercury Glass Tutorial
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How To Make Star Lights For Your Room

This DIY room decor idea for star lights or what many call fairy lights is freaking awesome easy. Do you not want to ever clean your room up? Of coarse you don't want to. Now you won't have to because of the ma...