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Hair Accessories

Learn how to make DIY hair accessories. With these DIY ideas focused on how to make hair bows, how to make hair flowers, how to make headbands, how to make hair clips, how to make hair pins, how to make flower crowns and how to make baby headbands, you’ll have everything you need for your hair accessory collection. Yeah… I know… I’m a little over the top hair accessories. I hope that you enjoy these DIY ideas and if you have any thoughts on DIY hair accessory tutorials please send me a message. I would love to hear what you have to say. :)

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DIY Birdcage Bridal Veil

This DIY birdcage bridal veil is a great way to surprise your friend or daughter with a special veil for her wedding. I hope that you enjoy making a veil using this DIY birdcage bridal veil tutorial.   ...
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DIY Baby Headband With A Felt Flower

This DIY baby headband with a felt flower is a simple DIY tutorial that anyone should be able to make. This is a simple DIY baby headband with a feltl flower. This is a no-sew project! I used scrap pieces of...
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DIY Tutorial On How To Make A Crown

This DIY tutorial on how to make a crown for a princess is a very simple DIY tutorial. I will walk you step by step through how to make this cute little crown using lace, acrylic paint, and glitter. Perfect for...
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How To Make Lace Hair Accessories

Learn how to make lace hair accessories in this simple step by step DIY tutorial. This vintage inspired hair accessory is a simple DIY lace hair comb tutorial that anyone can finish in a few minutes. There are ...