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Fairy Dolls

Learn DIY Fairy dolls with these simple step by step tutorial videos. I have loved learning how to make fairy dolls. It’s one of my favorite DIY tutorial categories. If you have any suggestions on new doll ideas that you’d like for me to look at, then please comment. Also, if I’ve missed anything and you have questions about how to make fairy dolls… please send me a message. Thanks and I hope that you enjoy learning how to make dolls.

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DIY Miniature Fairy Doll

This video will show you how to make a DIY miniature fairy doll. Couldn't help making this cure little fairy. It was tough at first... you should have seen the proportions of the first one that I did. I definit...
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DIY Groom Fairy Doll

This fairy doll tutorial will show you how to make a fancy DIY groom fairy doll. This will go along fantastic with the DIY Fairy Doll Bride tutorial that I did a while back. If you are new to doll making I w...
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DIY Sunflower Fairy Doll Tutorial

This DIY sunflower fairy doll tutorial is one of several fairy peg doll tutorials I've done. This is a step by step video tutorial that anyone can do. In this peg doll tutorial I skip through some of the pro...